Hey there friend, what’s for dinner?

If you’re staring into the vast expanses of your near-empty refrigerator for the umpteeth time, it’s time to surrender to the reality that you’re not very good at grocery shopping. Instead of that ramen noodle and hot sauce concoction that you’re considering for dinner, why not come into The Lazy Dog sports bar and grill in Erie for a bistro burger?

We know you’re going to argue with us, so we’ve already come up with three reasons to treat yourself to a juicy bistro burger at our bar and grill tonight.

1. You Like To Get Weird

Anyone can be normal, but it takes a really confident individual to get weird every now and again. If you like to keep things weird in Erie, you’re the perfect candidate for our PB&J Burger. Featuring bacon, real peanut butter, and a spicy jalapeno jelly, there’s nothing like it on a multigrain bun anywhere else on the Front Range.


2. You Bleed Colorado

Speaking of the Front Range, we’re pretty sure there’s no better place to live in the entire US of A. That’s why we gave Colorado its very own Bistro Burger and featured it on the menu at The Lazy Dog sports bar and grill in Erie. Featuring a buffalo patty, pepper jack cheese, bacon, roasted poblano peppers, and chipotle mayo, it’s literally all the flavors we love about Colorado squeezed between the two halves of a Brioche bun.

3. You Would Do Anything For Love

Do you get stars in your eyes and butterflies in your stomach anytime you think about your one true love? We do too. Only our true love is burgers. That’s why we paid homage to the man himself with the Meatloaf Burger. Featuring a patty made out of seasoned meatloaf mixture, mashed potatoes, sauteed onion, ketchup, and sauteed mushrooms, we would do just about anything for love, except for sharing this burger. We just don’t do that.

So there you have it! Three perfectly amazing reasons to wave goodbye to the mold growing in the corner of that empty fridge and come on down to The Lazy Dog sports bar and grill in Erie. Here you’ll be treated like the VIP burger connoisseur that you are, with prompt friendly service, a great atmosphere (did we mention that we’ve got lots of big TVs and plenty of craft brews on tap?), and a menu that’s full of delicious options for anyone you might choose to invite out to dinner.

Contact us to arrange call ahead seating or just come on down with your whole crew! We can accommodate parties of one to one hundred, you just need to let us know that you’re coming in advance. We can even set aside an entire section of the restaurant for your private party if you’ve got something to celebrate. While you’re here, you’ll have an amazing view overlooking of the Colorado National Golf Course (while you’re not watching football, baseball, hockey, or basketball on our amazing HD televisions, that is).

Hear that? It’s your stomach tell you it’s burger time. Better head this way!