Lots of people are trying out new methods of eating that allow them to eliminate processed foods, or other substances to which they may be intolerant. Some people go paleo because they want to lose weight, while others try it because they’re trying to figure out if certain foods are causing inflammation in their bodies.

No matter what your reason is for trying out the paleo style of eating, we want you to know that you can still come enjoy a nice lunch or dinner at The Lazy Dog sports bar and grill in Westminster.

Don’t believe us? Well we’re going to prove it by demonstrating just how much we know about paleo eating (aka, clean eating, aka the Whole Foods diet), and offering some suggestions of paleo-friendly foods you can eat while you’re here!

What Is Paleo Anyway?

Word around the watering hole is that the paleo diet got its name because it’s built around foods that were likely to have been around when cavemen were wandering around the Colorado plains. While this may have been the case when the paleo diet first got its name, many now realize that trying to predict what a caveman would or would not have eaten is just silly. The point of the paleo diet is to eat foods that have undergone little to no processing, and likely existed before the agricultural revolution.


On the paleo diet, the following foods are generally avoided:

  • Dairy
  • Grains
  • Legumes
  • Processed Meats
  • Sugar

So What Paleo-Friendly Foods Does The Lazy Dog Sports Bar And Grill Offer?

When you’re trying to eat paleo, they best way to avoid cheating is to stay home and cook your own meals. This gives you total control of over what you’re eating and it eliminates the possibility that you can be tempted by the big plate of pasta being consumed one table over.

However, staying home alone with your sweet potatoes can get quite boring, which is why it’s helpful to know the places in Westminster that have paleo-friendly products on the menu. Not surprisingly (we hope, after reading this long blog about it) one of those places is the Lazy Dog sports bar and grill!

A useful trick for anyone who’s eating paleo or doing the Whole30 is to head right to the salad section of the menu. This is where you’ll find entrees that are largely paleo to begin with and relatively easy to modify if there are a few ingredients that don’t agree with you.

On our menu, we highly recommend:

The Blackened Chicken Blue Cheese Caesar

This salad features a healthy dose of protein-rich chicken breast that’s been seasoned and blackened to perfection. All you have to do to make this salad paleo is to nix the blue cheese crumbles and swap out the caesar dressing for our balsamic vinaigrette.

The Steak Salad

If you prefer red meat on your salads, this is the one for you. Featuring delectable grilled sirloin atop baby spinach and arugula, with roma tomatoes, blueberries, and red onions, all you’ll have to leave off of this salad is the gorgonzola!

Come on down to the Lazy Dog sports bar and grill in Westminster today!